In 1989, Dr. Mkrtchyan graduated from Heratsy Medical School in Armenia with DDS degree.

She then began her residency program in Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgery at Yerevan City Hospital,

and graduated in 1992 with a Degree in Oral Surgery. From 1992 through 1995, she worked

as an Oral Surgeon at Moscow City Hospital, and in 1995 moved to United States.  

In 2001, Dr. Mkrtchyan entered the residency program at Boston University School of Dental

Medicine, and graduated with a CAGS degree in Implantology in 2003. She began an Advanced

Standing program at BU, and graduated with a DMD Degree. As a graduate and post-graduate

student, she taught Implantology and Operative dentistry to residents and students, and

received many Certifications in Implantology.

After graduation, Dr. Mkrtchyan worked at several practices as both an Oral Surgery

and General Dentist.  

2006-2007:        Hudson Dental Care, Hudson, MA

2006-2010:        New Era Dental, Cambridge, MA

2009-2012:        Shrewsbury Dental, Shrewsbury, MA

2009-2013:        Advanced Dental Care, Somerville, MA

2007-Present:   DentaQuest Oral Health Center, Westborough, MA (which received

                            ADA's Nationwide Number One Preventative Practice award in 2010)

2013-Present:   AMG Family Dental, Belmont, MA, Dr. Mkrtchyan's private practice  

Dr. Mkrtchyan lives in Belmont with her husband, Tigran, and their two children, Maria

and Alex. When not working, she enjoys time with her family, community work, and tennis.

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