1. Advantage: Fixed option to replace missing tooth

2. Advantage: Restores function, aesthetics and phonetics

3. Disadvantage: Hygiene is more difficult and often compromised (requires more time and special floss)

4. Disadvantage: Teeth adjacent to missing tooth must be ground for crown mounting surface.

5. Disadvantage: Problems with adjacent teeth could compromise entire bridge

6. Advantage: Bridge can be made in relatively short time

7. Advantage: No surgeries are required

8. Disadvantage: The bone in pontic area will resorb or weaken over time

9. Disadvantage: Abutment, supporting teeth may decay

When the exterior surface of a tooth becomes cracked, broken or compromised, a crown can be used to replace the surface. The crown can be made from various combinations of metal, porcelain or ceramic materials. First, the surface of a tooth is partially ground to provide an optimum mounting surface. Then, impressions are taken in a closed-mouth position. And finally, a crown is formed from those impressions and cemented to the tooth's ground surface. For natural appearance, the surface of the crown also can be color-matched to the surrounding teeth, When done properly, this solution can last for many years and is essentially unnoticed by the patient or others.

In some cases, a bridge or implant provides the best solution. A bridge is a prosthetic device with one or more artificial teeth in its center, and crowns at both ends used to cement the device onto abutment teeth. An implant is a root-shaped, titanium fixture that replaces the root of the tooth, providing a base for an abutment and crown. After placement into the bone, the implant heals through a process called osseointegration, which creates a very secure, long-last bond.

Both implants and bridges have their advantages and disadvantages, and either can be the best solution depending on patient circumstances. While the choice always should be made by the patient and dentist jointly, the following provides some general guidelines.

Crowns, Bridges & Implants


Advantage: Fixed option to replace missing teeth.

2. Advantage: Restores function, aesthetics and phonetics

3. Advantage: Hygiene is easy (similar to normal cleaning)

4. Advantage: Adjacent teeth are not touched or effected

5. Advantage: Problems with adjacent teeth do not effect crown

6. Disadvantage: Implants require a longer, 6 to 12 month process

7. Disadvantage: May require multiple surgeries if there is bone loss

8. Advantage: Implant will support bone mass in area

9. Advantage: Implant is made from titanium and cannot decay

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With good hygiene and regular dental visits, most patients keep their original

teeth in healthy condition for life. However, when accident or disease makes this impossible, there are several options to consider, including crowns, bridges and